JANUARY 6 2018: FSW, Las Vegas
JANUARY 13 2018: Maverick Pro, LA
JANUARY 21 2018: MDA Lucha Libre, Monterrey, Mexico
JANUARY 26 2018: HOH House Of Hardcore, Philadelphia
JANUARY 27 2018: FSW No Escape, Las Vegas
FEBRUARY 3 2018: Ground Zero, San Diego
FEBRUARY 18 2018: MDA Lucha Libre, Mexico
FEBRUARY 22 2018: BAR Wrestling, LA
FEBRUARY 24 2018: Maverick Pro, LA
MARCH 7 - 12 2018: *WARNING* Whereabouts Unknown
MARCH 15 - 19 2018: *WARNING* Whereabouts Unknown
MARCH 23 2018: HOH House Of Hardcore, St. James New York
MARCH 24 2018: HOH House Of Hardcore, Philadelphia
MARCH 31 2018: Maverick Pro, LA
APRIL 1 2018: *WARNING* Whereabouts Unknown
APRIL 7 2018: HOH House Of Hardcore, New Orleans
APRIL 14 2018: Maverick Pro, LA
APRIL 20 2018: AAA Lucha Libre Worldwide, Tijuana, Mexico
APRIL 22 - 26 2018: *WARNING* Whereabouts Unknown
APRIL 29 2018: Live Lucha Libre, Victoria Texas
APRIL 30 - MAY 3 2018: CAC Cauliflower Alley Rising Star Ceremony, Las Vegas
MAY 5 2018: Maverick Pro, LA
MAY 18 2018: AAA Lucha Libre Worldwide, Tehuacan, Mexico
JUNE 1 & 2 2018: *WARNING* Whereabouts Unknown
JUNE 3 2018: AAA Lucha Libre Worldwide, Monterrey, Mexico
JUNE 23 2018: Maverick Pro, LA
JULY 14 2018: BAR Wrestling, LA
JULY 21 2018: AAA Lucha Libre Worldwide, Mexico
JULY 22 - 24 2018: IMPACT Wrestling, Toronto, Canada
JULY 29 2018: AAA Lucha Libre Worldwide, Mexico
AUGUST 2 2018: AAA Lucha Libre Worldwide, Mexico
AUGUST 10 2018: Rogue Wrestling, LA
AUGUST 12 & 13: IMPACT Wrestling, Toronto, Canada
AUGUST 25 2018: AAA Triplemania, Mexico City
AUGUST 31 2018: Expo Lucha, Las Vegas
SEPTEMEBER 1 2018: Expo Lucha, Las Vegas
SEPTEMBER 2 2018: AAA Lucha Libre Worldwide, Mexico
SEPTEMBER 12 - 14 2018: IMPACT Wrestling, Mexico City
OCTOBER 10 2018: Ring Warriors, Las Vegas
OCTOBER 11 2018: Ring Warriors, Las Vegas
OCTOBER 14 - 16 2018: IMPACT Wrestling - BOUND FOR GLORY/TV Tapings New York
OCTOBER 19 2018: Maverick Pro, LA
OCTOBER 28 2018: AAA Lucha Libre Worldwide, Mexico
NOVEMBER 3 2018: Paradox, Merced, California
NOVEMBER 7 21 2018: AAA Lucha Libre Worldwide, Mexico
NOVEMBER 10 2018: AAA Lucha Libre Worldwide, Mexico
NOVEMBER 11 - 13 2018: IMPACT Wrestling, Las Vegas
NOVEMBER 21 2018: AAA Lucha Libre Worldwide, Mexico
DECEMBER 2 2018: AAA Lucha Libre Worldwide, Mexico
DECEMBER 19 2018: AAA Lucha Libre Worldwide, Mexico






a new  I M P A C T  has taken place...





Thought to be currently based out of Las Vegas,
It is said that Killer Kross came from the humble beginnings of an old New York City in varying locations from Brooklyn to Hell's Kitchen as the elusive individual: 
Kevin Arturo Geist. 
According to various research and lore collected,
Kross had accumulated a massive amount of wealth competing in Underground Combat Competitions for The Secret Wealth themselves amongst the exiles of society. It is speculated that he was found by them at a time where he was wagering large bets in his youth to gamblers that he could punch through concrete.
This was thought to be a myth up until recently when video footage began circulating of the feat itself.

In his time competing Undeground,
It is said that he obsessively perfected The Art Of Hook & Shoot Vale Tudo Pankration; a hybrid variant grappling system that was also comprised of knockout strikes, debilitating holds and environmental practicality principles of turning one's environment around them into weapons to be used against an enemy.
Word travelled fast about Kross in great haste, but much of it was kept a secret within controlled channels for fear that if an individual like this was discovered in existence of competition settings; the changes that could take place following his discovery could be ill-favoured to the ones in current power.
Their concerns were FEAR based.
And out of their fear...

An unexpected event occurred.

A Cult Following quickly emerged in Kross's Name amongst those who saw a truth undeniable to them.


They called themselves: THE SATVRNVS KROSS KVLT XII.
Many have claimed the group to be secret in nature.
Others have claimed open affiliation.
Some have claimed the group to be multi-faceted in a wide spectrum of operations ranging from organizing intel, collecting artifacts, monetary corporate absorption and strange ritualistic worship gatherings for the planet Saturn.
To even more disturbing levels; it has been rumoured that people from the random general public, mainstream musicians, political figures and even Law Enforcement from National to International levels are suspected to have ties to the group affiliations.
Their official public statement:
They are an organization that brainwashes people
to think for themselves. 


Rumours of the supernatural have always circulated around Killer Kross pertaining to his colossal physical abilities,
his inhuman constitution for withstanding damage and his eerie affinity to acquire a surplus of confidential information on people, places and things.
People have described him as a seemingly empty sinister ghost at times and yet an all consuming in the same hand...

Detailing more information on Killer Kross has been challenging... 

He is very much an evasive figure...

And yet very much all around us at the same time... perhaps as a warning of future premonitions to come.




When his name is heard in droves
he shall appear


Over the last three years,
Kross has acquired several alias titles from the masses who have seen him in competition with their very own eyes.
Such monikers as:

"The Tollman"

For leaving coins on the eyes of the defeated and speaking dreadfully of a fading Time pertaining to paying A Toll.

"The Herald Of Doomsday"

For proclaiming that he brings forth an end to everything as The Way Of The Future, for the purpose of ushering in a cryptically descriptive New Beginning.


"The White Rabbit"

A horrifying conspiracy theory.
One of many surrounding Killer Kross is the story heard of a violent Aztec Rabbit Tribe Cult initially operated by Paul London who worship Kross as the second coming of Xronos.

"The People's Executioner"

For participating in events as a Champion hand chosen by The Crowd to execute their demands in dispatching a competitor in the most vicious manner.


"The Devil Of Monterrey"

Originally surfacing as a moniker in the newspapers following a ruthless and merciless systematic annihilation of virtually an entire roster of competitors in 1 single night which took place in Monterrey, Mexico. 


"Rey De La Maldad"

Translated as
" King Of The Evil "
Kross has had a hellacious undefeated streak in Lucha Libre Mexico going on for over one year- and it has been accomplished by dispatching anyone and everyone by any means necessary in malicious fashion.