It was the month of May 2014...
He appeared in Las Vegas, Nevada as a figure of protection for a CEO of a company known as FSW.
The situations of conflict had escalated to a point which forced his hand back into the ring once again, but this time in an open public forum.
The general public saw him for the first time.
The stories were acknowledged to be true and now confirmed.
Rumours began of his prior lore.
Many believed his intentions were to elude conveying a strong presence of hostility by attempting to appear more civilized for infiltration purposes.

Alas; you can dress an animal up in a custom suit...

But it will STILL appear as an animal.
Kross was not able to remain off the radar for very long, nor fool the prey.

Many people were defeated by the hand of Kross that year. Not only that, but he quickly garnered a sincere reputation of being an individual who carried out exactly what he said he was going to do- which often times was pertaining to the annihilation of his opponents.
His presence if not before, now more than ever carried an eerie gravity.

He went undefeated for the rest of the year upon his debut.

Fans collectively voted for him as a
maestro of the crowds awarding him as Best On The Mic 2014 and awarded him Rookie Of the Year while not knowing his true prior history...

Regardless, he accepted the awards.

And "The Kross Cult" began to expand.



It became evident that Kross no longer cared to masquerade upon the civilized as a welcomed member of society. He dawned his true vicious form and acquired numerous trophy championships, new titles of viciousness, monikers of high prestige and a World Heavyweight Championship. 
His thirst for competition and the obsessive nature of honing his craft could not be held back any longer by trivial contractual obligations. 

The Cult continued to grow in masses.

Kross competed against the very best that would step into the ring with him...
And also the ones who were fooled into rolling the dice against the highest of odds.

His name was called to Japan, India, Canada-
The word was spreading.
Where his name was called in droves,
He appeared.

Before the end of the year:
He accumulated dozens of wins over current and former World Champions,
He became the very first Winner of a Bill Apter Inaugural Invitational via a very horrific Knockout which abruptly ended the match in his victory.
He later that year competed to become the very first
FSW Unified Undisputed World Heavyweight Champion.
Fans voted and awarded him as
Pro Wrestler Of The Year 2015 & Best On The Mic 2015.

And unknowingly to the general public...
A new UNDERGROUND called to him that year.

And he attended.


Year three

The presence of Killer Kross was becoming undeniable to various parts of the entire World.
Attention was being garnered.
But as well; 
The Bad Attention was acquired just the same...

Kross took his first major loss that year in FSW for the Unified Undisputed World Heavyweight Championship in a No Rules 11 on 1 match.

The night was orchestrated by a corrupt Commissioner to get the Championship away from Kross knowing that he had absolutely no allies. It was within his belief that there was no one alive he could contract to compete against Killer Kross to beat him 1 on 1 in his strongest realm with his jury-like cult following in The City Of Sin. 

In a stranger turn of events this year:
Kross acquired confirmed allies in
Remy The Gent & Jack The Reaper-
Two established competitors with a rumoured dark history. Kross proceeded to exact his revenge against every single individual that struck against him during the night of his loss with the assistance of his new associates. People began calling them "The 86er's" for the lore that they would take their opposition 8 miles out of the city and leave them 6 feet under the sand.

Shortly after these events,
Kross would go on to win another World Championship in the East Section Of The United States with the company MVW. 
Kross became seemingly hellbent-violent at all times during this period as his constant engagement of deceivers, backstabbers and surrounding conflicts in his competition kept him on high suspicion.
Even so far as his general lack of sane-conduct began to frighten company personnel involved at corporate level. 

Kross lost his second World Championship after an absolutely ruthless 9 month title reign with a second undefeated streak in yet another federation due to a referee "error" on a pin fall-
But many believe that this was a means of cutting off ties with such an individual of mayhem that they did not truly understand upon contacting nor could they control him once he was set loose within the division.

Later in the year,
The Mecca of Lucha Libre Worldwide felt the presence of a fully refocused Time Collector From Hell.
It had been said that Johnny Mundo privately reached out to Killer Kross regarding a massive historical match taking place- and that he too felt uncomfortable with the circumstances surrounding his own odds of winning.

It has been assumed that Kross exercising little reason at times, still took an interest in this situation as he may have felt a parallel in their mutual circumstances. 
Many have confirmed that Mundo paid Kross a small fortune to secure his victory in AAA Mexico as an enforcer to Mundo's Legacy, a watchful eye and a provider of safe passage on his Champion Fiancee and now Wife: Taya Valkyrie.

The 3 of them together became known as "Lucha Royalty."
An undefeated trio in a variety of competitive formats.




At the end of 2017 and into 2018,
Kross became The Maverick Pro World Heavyweight Champion- accumulating his 3rd World Title Victory.
A new Chapter had begun.
This year is resulting in a mass annihilation of epic proportions:
A debut in Ring Warriors which resulted in the decimation of 5 former Champions and a vicious Grand Champion Title victory upon arrival, a debut at MDA Lucha Libre Monterrey in Mexico with a new para-military power faction known as "MAD", a vicious return to AAA Lucha Libre Worldwide leaving a dozen Luchador Stars crippled in the middle of the ring, public affiliations with Legends Juventud Guerrera, Teddy Hart, Jeff Jarrett and Konnan, a terrorizing debut in Tommy Dreamer's House Of Hardcore in Philadelphia, an IMPACT made in IMPACT Wrestling like never felt before, an unforeseen formed alliance with Austin Aries, a bond formed in the common ground of Money & Violence with IMPACT Wrestling’s Moose thus becoming the indomitable unit known as “The Murder Money Connection” and the emergence of The Aztec Rabbit Tribe Cult in the infamous Lucha Underground with profound lunatic-savant Paul London.

A point was reached where timing, ill circumstance and all shifting events led for an untimely demise of the alliance between Johnny IMPACT (formally Mundo) and Killer Kross. The situation exploded on television over various occasions for months, which then led to a very serious and out of control rivalry between the two. The conflict became so severe that Kross had even gone so far as to attack John and Taya both at the same time publicly at the end of a world viewed historical pay-per-view event in Nashville. That night’s horror has led to numerous ever increasingly violent and very personal battles between the two with no future resolution in sight.

As the mayhem began to rise in all directions, another thought to be & accused figure of the esoteric arts had entered the fray. The Succubus Seductress: Scarlett Bordeaux created a secret alliance with Killer Kross in what was heard to be an ancient ritual that took place in Boyle Heights within the dark autumn of 2018 on Halloween. Rumoured “Witch” and “Temptress Entity” by many educated scholars of the dark arts, Bordeaux has been seen hovering amongst Kross in many combative environments. In a public interview, it was stated by both that neither believed in true innocence among those who could only be categorized collectively as “Guilty” of the very crimes they condemn each other of. It was stated that they planned to punish all who sin alike in the name of universal balance.

The masses began calling them “The Killer Smoke Show” as a tongue and cheek alias to other previous and ongoing histories. Scarlett’s true role to Kross has yet to be completely understood beyond the obvious that has thus been observed by the world watching:

Together, they are stronger and love to inflict suffering against the guilty.

As of now,
Killer Kross can regularly be seen on Lucha Underground, IMPACT Wrestling, Ring Warriors and AAA.
It is noted that Killer Kross still stands undefeated in Mexico as a territory, AAA Lucha Libre and MDA Lucha Libre for 3 years at this point.
He is now a Former 5 Time Pro Wrestling World Heavyweight Champion, was undefeated for over 1 year in Maverick Pro LA, currently undefeated in Lucha Underground & Ring Warriors, holds an FSW Undefeated Record Of 932 Days before being defeated, holds a Record 32 Successful Title Defences over 421 Days and has acquired record victories:
7 Seconds via Knockout
12 seconds via Submission
Kross has also been awarded by the Fans:
IMPACT One To Watch 2019
Cauliflower Alley Club Rising Star Award 2018
Breakout Luchador 2017
Favourite Wrestler Of 2016/17
Pro Wrestler Of The Year 2015/16/17
Best Promos Of The Year 2014/15/16/17/18

More updates always to come... tick tock. XII